Finlandia unveils new bottle design

Finland, a land where the sun does not set for 72 days every summer

we call it the midnight sun

it creates unique growing conditions for our suomi barley, the key ingredient in making Finlandia a less ordinary vodka

the midnight sun takes pride of place on Finlandia’s bottle and stars in our latest global campaign

the film takes us on a journey to a mythical place in the dramatic Finnish landscape

we watch the barley spring to life from the pure glacial spring water under the watchful eye of the midnight sun
through the suomi barley, a reindeer roams.

the campaign presents our new Finlandia bottle

a bottle boldly continuing almost a half-century of ice-inspired design, that began back in 1970 with Tapio Wirkkala’s iconic creation


Nadav Kander, acclaimed portrait photographer, explores our Nordic origins within the photography for this campaign.


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