in a land where the sun can shine at midnight
the vodka is made from pure glacial spring water,
filtered by glacial moraine
created thousands of years ago
and from the golden suomi barley
which grows and ripens where other barley cannot grow,
to give the less ordinary vodka a crisp, clear and smooth taste


born under the midnight sun
In the north of Finland
the vodka embodies the finnish spirit
of living in harmony with nature
by using it’s finest ingredients.

the tradition of truly Finnish vodka
was started in 1970 by Alko
only a year later,
Finlandia was the first scandinavian vodka
to be sold in the United States.


thousands of years ago
the glaciers receded
leaving a glacial moraine
to create pure glacial spring water
giving the vodka its
clarity and smoothness.


every summer in Finland
the sun does not set for 72 days.
it shines at midnight
and its glow nourishes
everything below
in the land less ordinary.


the golden suomi barley grows
where other barley cannot grow.
in the cold north it ripens
under the midnight sun
giving the vodka its crisp,
light and clear taste.


the suomi barley creates a mash
that undergoes more than
200 distillation steps,
for more than 50 hours
overseen by master distillers
before water from the Rajamaki
glacial spring is added.

this water is naturally filtered through moraine,
left behind by the glacier
thousands of years ago.
so nothing else is needed to purify the vodka.


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